Saturday, May 28, 2005

Research log

Research Topics:
1) Institutional Origins:
Mu'en: temple control of roads in medieval period--Japan and Europe
Between Repressive State appratus and Legitimacy: Sankin-Kotai
The public imagination and pratice of Tokaido
2) Introduction of railway and its institutional calibration:
Social control in micro scale
Towards national integration: Covolution of State and Public's control of rail
3) The emergency of national policy via transporatation control
To be a part of the nation: Local responses to integration and its effects to political parties
Seeking autonomy: the evolution of suburban culture in the cities
The birth of Showa: long live the C51
4) Collapse and the rebirth of the national narrative of railway
Strategic failures
Towards the dream of Shinkansen and Discover Japan
National Railway, its supporters and betrayers
?) As rituals
Staff Training
The settings
Social control
?) Cultural imaginaries of the railway
Manga and Anime


Anonymous said...

Why do not include toys? So many fans are so crazy about train toys and models?

Anonymous said...

very good idea! thanks

Anonymous said...

The last post is by me. I told this to you last year la!