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SY Ma的政治思考(四)


什麽東西motivate 人去找新的知識?


What constitutes a good reason

Tony Tam的社會學思考(1)

For Chris
contigency theory x
qualification of institutional argument but not itself an institutional argument
ciririsim ok
situation specified
general couter punch

not institutional mechanism

not a replacement / edited mechanism

upper: legitimacy constrainst people behave

core still the same不是修正
story line not so straightforward

on myself:
argument/historical case是一個完美地show到制度化的school所夢想有的一個analysis,可以economical/political/cultural interest都能inteplay with institutional legitimacy的結構

t is very interstingcos it's so perfectly an institutional analysisthen say, no need to think of any explanatory problem or thereotical puzzle

perhaps can organize chapters into roughly three categories(economic / political / cultural interest)then argue all of them across history is strictly institutional buildingperfectly matching Meyer's framework

cos he said, institutional arguments to his best of knowdlge, always avoid to talk about problems of agency and/or interest

they talk about legitimacy, which is indeed important, but discard how agencies frame their interest by interplay and approapirate collective discourses to draw legitimacy
when i use the word"frame" he said he prefers the later two works

o him, as people who agree more to rational choice, whatever frame or interplay is ok. the point is he is very interested of instutional arugment do account this case very much

n my case, all interests (pol/eco/cul) are perfectly appeared and succesfully developed that "institutional structure" in consecutive periods for a wide variety of diversed interests, which are mircaely devoted to frame their words and actions , contributing to the building of institution.

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